The main goal of Steereo is always to propel the careers of our artists by promoting their music, while providing additional income to the amazing drivers that make the music promotion possible! In order to ensure our community functions in a way that aligns with our company values and ideals, we require all members of the Steereo family to adhere to the following guidelines. This includes Steereo Artists and Steereo Drivers.

  1. Always interact with kindness and patience. The Steereo Team wants to help you with every question and inquiry you might have! That is why we greatly appreciate having calm conversations that can solve problems! 
  2. Be Honest. As a driver, by signing up to be a Steereo Team member you are agreeing to our Terms of Service ( We expect our drivers to play our music according to regulation, while driving for rideshare, and at full volume for a passenger to listen to.
  3. Authentic Identity. There is no tolerance for misrepresentation of identity. We expect all our drivers to be using their real identity, and to be using our app in an authentic way.
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