When artists upload their music to Steereo, it goes through an approval process. Once a song is approved, it is then placed on at least one of our playlists available to our drivers. We use 4 types of playlists. 

All approved music automatically gets added to a genre playlist. 

These playlists are created by  moods relevant to the rider in the car. Specifics that we take into consideration are the time of day, day of the week, location, length of trip, and more. Different moods are categorized into different playlists, and the relevant songs are then added.

Premium playlists curated by our team. Editorial playlists provide artists with additional exposure and include lists like Staff Picks, Top 10, Seasonal, and more. 

Branded playlists are sponsored by advertisers. The songs are curated to ensure the music is relevant to the brand sponsoring the playlist, and represents them well.

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