There are a few reasons why a Steereo Driver Account might get suspended or disabled. Our goal is never to suspend or disable an account, as we want as many drivers involved as possible to help promote the artists and their music! The following are the reasons why we might have to suspend  disable an account:

  1. Accounts will be suspended if drivers are not playing music properly through their rideshare vehicles. This applies if music is played through a phone speaker, an external speaker that is not a car speaker, or through headphones. Playing music at a volume that is too low also counts as improper music playing.
  2. Accounts can be suspended if drivers are playing music when they are not driving for rideshare (i.e., driving by self in "destination mode", commuting to another job, driving family or friends somewhere, or driving private clients not associated with rideshare companies.
  3. Drivers who are disrespectful to riders, other drivers, or Steereo staff can be suspended. It is very important that everyone who is part of the Steereo community has respect for each other. 
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