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Curious about your first 30 days as a Steereo Driver?! Read the article below for more details on how you can optimize your trial period to become a Steereo Premium Driver.

What is the trial period? 

Drivers that are new to Steereo will have a 30 day trial period of playing Steereo music for their rideshare passengers. If a new driver plays Steereo for at least 80 hours in their first 30 days, they will be leveled up to a Premium Steereo Driver.

What is a Premium Steereo Driver?

Rideshare drivers who play Steereo for over 80 hours per month earn points for playing Steereo which can be used for cash and other cool rewards. 

What kind of music will I get to play? 

New Drivers have access to all different genres of music such electronic, alternative, pop, and hip-hop. Some of the top artists featured on Steereo are Coldplay, Major Lazer, Mike Posner, Tame Impala, and Flume, with more being added every week! 

Benefits of playing Steereo?

-Earn extra money

-Conversation piece/ice breaker with passenger(s)

-Help music artists spread their work

-Discover some awesome new music 

-Break away from the repetitive top 40 on the radio 

We hope this helped answer your questions, but if you need more help, feel free to contact us directly at support@steereo.com!

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